7 Developers and 1 problem to Solve

The Framework

Being a student in Lambda, a fast-paced computer programming Bootcamp, we finalize our learning with a month-long project. Where everyone placed on a team has been through all our core units and has now been tasked with a real-world problem to solve on a cross-functional team comprised of DS and WEB students.

The RoadMap

The planning phases of a project is easily the most crucial part. We took time to create user stories and were committed to a high level of breaking down tasks to make sure we started this project off right. In creating user stories as a team they needed to be done in the scope of the user. Focused on specific features a user would want to have with this product. We took what we knew about the product and what our stakeholder had told us of his vision for the product to help drive our thought process. We also used this time to explore the deployed product to assess what we thought was working and not working. This also contributed to our user stories.

Trello card from Trello board

The Speed Bumps

Every project is subject to challenges that you have to face as a team and individually. Each challenge our team faced and I faced by myself allowed for growth and a better understanding of our product and codebase. I think the biggest struggle our team faced collectively was really understanding what our code based was doing. Being given legacy code with not much other than a Readme to guide your way can be intimidating. Each of us took most of our first week on this project to understand each file and what it was doing.

  1. This repo was not hooked up to a DS API or connected to the front end

The Continuance

As we end 4 short weeks, we reached the end of our time with this project. As a team, we were proud of the strides we made knowing as more teams work on this project we helped move it that much closer to the end goal. Currently, we accomplished the biggest task of hooking up our front-end to fetch data from the back-end and DS team. This ensures that users are getting accurate information when viewing our map.



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